Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Kitchen is the Hub of my Home....

Is the kitchen the hub of your home? Well in my house, it really is. I am not the best cook or baker for sure but I do spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I like to think it is a country style kitchen with oak details and cream units. The canopy over the hob is french style and the lights are all from IKEA. I love the fisherman's lamp over my dining table. I generally burn Yankee candles in my kitchen after cooking.

Sorry the above photos are  a bit dull, it was difficult to get the light right when I took them.
Here is an image of the dresser in my kitchen  you will spot some Cath Kidston mugs, my Wedgewood teapot and some other accessories. My notice board is to the right of the dresser- you can just see the edge of it here.

So is your kitchen the hub of your home, what does it look like? What style is it? 


  1. If You look back a few post's ago on My blog,You'll see Your area-where You live- is apart of My dream destinations.

  2. Denise,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have a lovely blog and II love your post about Ireland. Lots of farms, lakes, pubs, cottages and castles around here. Sounds like you would love it. If you take a look at my pinterest account you will find lots of photos of Ireland. I live inland over an hour from the sea, but you would love The Wild Atlantic Way - a new touring route along the coast of Ireland

    All things nice...

  3. Oh your kitchen is just beautiful... So pretty. The canopy is fabulous and the light over your kitchen table too. You did a great job decorating. It looks like a wonderful heart of your home! And your pictures were lovely too, not too dark at all. Hope you're enjoying the bank holiday weekend where you are...

  4. Your kitchen is so cute and I love all the little touches, especially the fisherman's lamp! My family just moved and we now have a country style kitchen so we all spend a lot more time in it, it's homely and always a busy place to be, but it's comforting too I think. Love all the light in these pictures too. - Tasha xxx

  5. Your kitchen is wonderful! I can see why you want this to be the hub of your family's activities.

  6. congratulations for having a fabulous kitchen!!
    the natural light really pours in all over the room :)

  7. Love your kitchen, especially the cream cabinets and the canopy. It looks very welcoming so I'm not surprised its the hub of your home.
    Our kitchen is also the hub of our home - it's country style with a pine dresser, big table and wood burning stove.

  8. Your kitchen is beautiful. I really love the rustic drawers either side of the oven. The kitchen is the hub at ours also. In fact, I commend your taste! The colour scheme (cream cupboards, dark wood counters, pale green walls), radio, toaster also feature in my kitchen :)


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